Economic Overview Germany

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Infographic Investments in Germany

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Fact Sheet: The Aerospace Industry in Germany

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Fact sheet: Future Mobility in Germany

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Building industry

Fact Sheet: Construction and Green Building in Germany

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Chemical industry

Industry Overview: The Chemical Industry in Germany

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Fact Sheet: Chemical Parks in Germany

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Steeled for Competition

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Consumer industries

Industry Overview: The Food & Beverage Industry in Germany

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Corporate services

Fact Sheet: Business Services in Germany

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Electronics & Microtechnology

Microsystems Technology in Germany 2018

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Industry Overview: The Electronics and Microtechnology Industry in Germany

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Fact Sheet: Microelectronics in Germany

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Fact Sheet: Photonics in Germany

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Fact sheet – The energy storage market in Germany

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Fact sheet – Construction and green building in Germany

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Markets – Vive la e-volution

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Environmental technologies

Briefing Green Tech

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Infographic Green tech in Germany

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Fact sheet – Environmental technologies in Germany

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The fight against climate change as an opportunity in Germany?

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Fact sheet - FinTech in Germany

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Presentation – Germany Finance

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Fact sheet – The German software and cybersecurity market

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Fact sheet – Digital economy

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Fact sheet – Industry 4.0

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Fact sheet ICT – Industry clusters in Eastern Germany

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Germany – Excellence in big data

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Life sciences

Fact sheet – Biotechnology clusters in Germany

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Industry overview – The pharmaceutical industry in Germany

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Fact sheet – The mobile health market in Germany

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Industry overview – The medical technology industry in Germany

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Fact sheet – Medical technology clusters in Germany

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The World Bank's Logistics Performance Index 2018

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Machinery and equipment

Industry overview – The machinery and equipment industry in Germany

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Mechanical engineering – Industry clusters in Eastern Germany

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Fact sheet – The robotics and automation industry in Germany

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