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Traditional Powerhouse with a Pioneering Spirit

Germany has married its strength in traditional industries to an innovative spirit primed for the 21stcentury. Explore our industry guides below to see why long-established and new markets alike are thriving, and how businesses and investors can profit from booming productivity and the hunger for new ideas.

Europe’s Number 1

Germany is Europe’s largest economy and its export king. Investment and business opportunities abound.
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Key to an Era

From AI to smart cities, from EduTech to AdTech, the digital transition is transforming how we live, work, learn, consume, and do business.

Infographic: Digital Economy Smart Cities

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Powering the Revolution

E-mobility, car connectivity, battery technology, automation: the home of the automobile is powering the mobility revolution. Join the ride.

Strong as Steel

Excellent infrastructure, a lasting commitment to R&D, and robust exports all combine to make Germany Europe’s chemical industry leader.

A Toast to Success

Led by food and beverages, with support from industries such as textiles, white goods, and furniture, Germany is Europe’s largest consumer market.

Turning on the Future

Photonics, semiconductors, the Internet of Things: Germany is a key player in an innovative sector that is transforming how we live.

Follow the Money

DAX and FinTech, investment and reinsurance, banking and asset management: Germany’s robust financial sector is the home of smart money.

In Fine Health

Innovations in medical technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and digital health mean Germany’s healthcare market is enjoying 4.5% annual growth.

Engineering Tomorrow’s World

Germany’s illustrious engineering tradition is going digital, powering groundbreaking technologies from 3D printing to robotics and automation.

Green Shoots Everywhere

From water and waste management to the circular economy and greentech, environmental necessity has created a thriving new sector.

Briefing Green Tech

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Be Part of the Game

A global champion in traditional creative forms like music and architecture, Germany is also home to booming contemporary sectors like digital advertising and gaming.