Made in Germany

Discover the industries that have helped make Germany Europe’s number one economy, that will help it maintain that status tomorrow – and will help your business to flourish and grow.

From the aerospace and automotive sectors to corporate services and greentech, Germany’s industries are as rich and varied as the country itself. Combining the best of tradition with constant sparks of innovation, they have long set standards in both Europe and globally. Ensuring they maintain this position in the 21st century means constant evolution to master fresh challenges and opportunities.

Primary among today’s challenges is decarbonisation. Climate change, fossil fuel prices and energy security have turned this already burning issue into a top priority. The transition to a carbon-neutral economy is an across-the-board task as well as a historical opportunity. In Germany, four sectors in particular are key: hydrogen, energy, environmental technologies, and the mobility sector.

A national undertaking

Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy is providing some EUR 7 billion to expand the country’s hydrogen economy. From electrolysers to hydrogen transport and distribution infrastructure, hydrogen is seen as the key to a decarbonised future.

Making fossil fuels history

Germany wants 80% of its energy to come from renewable sources by 2030 and to have a carbon-neutral energy sector by 2035. The country is thus redefining its approach to energy, with solar, wind, biomass and hydropower taking centre stage.

Tech for tomorrow’s world

German companies boast a 14% share of the global greentech market and annual sector growth of 8.5%. From energy efficiency to sustainable water management, environmental technologies are now one of the country’s most dynamic sectors.

Driving the mobility revolution

Germany’s largest industry is again reinventing itself. From electric vehicles to automated driving, a cleaner, smarter world of mobility is fast gaining pace.

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