Information and communication technologies

Leaders in information, communication and security tech

Germany's stable, educated workforce, its large pool of small- to mid-sized companies and support for innovation make its ICT industry a world leader.

Germany is the largest software market in Europe, representing almost a fourth of the value of the European market.
European software market 2018

Germany is also the second largest European market for security technology.


A market for solution-oriented technologies

By 2020, the German cloud market is estimated to be the largest in Europe, with constant year-on-year growth of 25 percent.
European public cloud service spending (in EUR million)
Every year, cybercrime causes damages of almost EUR 55 billion in Germany.

Green tech is in demand. Germany’s "Energy Transition" to renewable energy technologies is driven and managed by the ICT industry, supporting e-energy and smart grids. Bitkom reports that by 2020, revenues from e-energy and smart grids will have grown 21 percent annually since 2010. 

Revenue from e-energy and smart grids (in EUR billion)

Excellence in innovation

Berlin's Big Data Center (BBDC), based at Technical University Berlin (TUB), is set up to foster cutting-edge R&D, training scientists and conducting analysis of huge data sets and streams. Recent areas of innovation in R&D at the BBDC include open-source systems for data analytics, connections between new technologies and companies, and machine learning.

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Government support + a strong SME economy

Security technologies are supported by the German government's "High-tech Strategy" incentives for various types of projects including "scenario-oriented security research".

Germany's ICT industry includes international icons like SAP, but is dominated by numerous specialised SMEs (what’s known as Germany’s Mittelstand). Taken together, these smaller companies represent a force to be reckoned with on the international ICT market. 

Germany's ICT industry sets itself apart through the development of new software and security solutions, making use of Germany’s solid workforce, strong market for IT innovations and collaborative support from government and industry for research. Get in touch to learn more.