About Saxony-Anhalt

Saxony-Anhalt has reportedly been the source of increasing commercial success. The glass facade of the world’s tallest house, every car built in Germany, every aspirin and every bottle of Chanel N° 5 – in each one of these, there is a piece from Saxony-Anhalt.
The spirit of innovation started a long time ago in Saxony-Anhalt. More than 100 years ago, Saxony-Anhalt laid the foundations for the plant breeding industry. In the 20th century, the world’s first colour film and the first synthetic rubber were produced here.
The industry in Saxony-Anhalt today is widely diversified and includes everything from automotive supply production to ICT, biotechnology and medical technology. Players like Bayer, IBM, Total, DOW, Mercer, Cargill, DELL and ENERCON contribute to these flourishing industries.

  1. Fantastic business climate. Simply ask AkzoNobel, Bayer, IBM, DOW, ENERCON …
  2. Innovations easily contrived: with 29 research institutes nearby.
  3. Quick start: fast decision-making channels and realisation periods.
  4. Clever minds: 90% of our workforce has completed professional or university education.

Reasons for Saxony-Anhalt

No fewer than 29 research institutes closely cooperate with Saxony-Anhalt’s enterprises on their way to leadership in innovation. This makes Saxony-Anhalt one of the most concentrated research landscapes.

Industry is welcome in Saxony-Anhalt: 97% of the population in southern Saxony-Anhalt is of the opinion that industry is very important for the region; in Cologne, by contrast, it is only 56%.

More than 250 industrial and trading estates available including greenfield and brownfield areas, office properties and production facilities.

With more than 4,000 km of multimodal routes, Saxony-Anhalt has developed into a hub for Europe. Enlarged pan-European motorways, canals, harbours and a waterway junction ensure fast routes to decisive markets and Leipzig/Halle Airport, which is open round the clock.

Success Story

Porsche and Schuler AG will set up a joint pressing plant in Halle (Saale). Car body parts are to be manufactured in a 13-hectare area in the Star Park in Halle. The companies are investing more than EUR 100 million and want to create 100 new jobs in the first stage of development. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digitalisation is funding the plant with EUR 7.5 million from the State-Region Joint Agreement "Improvement of Regional Economic Structure" (GRW). The start of construction is planned for the second half of 2019.


The Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt is the economic development agency of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. We act as a partner for business, helping you to find the right site, assisting with funding and financing, and dealing with the public authorities and with all queries relating to project implementation.


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