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Why is Germany THE premier location for companies in Europe? It's not just because its the largest market in the EU. Wherever you go in the country you'll find innovative, well-educated, hard-working people to help you achieve business success.

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Structural Change = Innovative Solutions

Regions across Germany are undergoing economic upheaval and structural change as a result of global business trends. These structural transformations are having a profound impact on industries across the board and creating a wide range of unique opportunities for international businesses looking to expand. Here are just a few examples: 

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Berlin Goes 3D

Berlin recently overtook London as Startup Heatmap’s top European location. Some of these start-ups have been transforming the city into a 3D printing tech hub. These innovative companies are looking for international cooperation and financing.

Schwarzheide: From Lignite to Bioplastics

The phase-out of coal mining in Brandenburg turned Schwarzheide into a center for biopolymer innovation. This opens up promising opportunities in the Lusatia region at favorable prices, e.g., for the construction of large warehouses and production halls.

Essen: From Grey to Green

Essen in North Rhine-Westphalia was once the epicenter of the coal and steel industries in Germany. Today, the Ruhr region has become a hotspot for innovative energy solutions with a vibrant ecosystem for green investors.

Winds of Change in Schleswig-Holstein

Germany’s largest green hydrogen plant utilizing wind energy is to be built on the windy west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. State initiatives are actively supporting these structural changes creating plenty of attractive investment opportunities. 

Jena: Eastern Germany’s
“Optics Valley”

For a small university city in eastern Germany, with a population of just 110,000, Jena is attracting a lot of international attention. The secret of Jena’s success is rooted in its heritage, as the cradle of Europe’s optical and photonics industry.

Coal Exit: Germany’s Next Generation Energy Hub

Germany’s four major coal-producing regions are going to be at the center of Germany’s energy future. Political, legal and financial frameworks pave the way for new opportunities and will entail new jobs and new value chains in many regions and economic sectors.