About Bavaria

Bavaria, Germany’s largest state in terms of area and second largest in terms of population, is one of Europe’s most advanced and successful economic regions. Its gross domestic product of EUR 623 billion in 2018 ranks it as the seventh largest economy in the EU. Although Bavaria is home to global players like Adidas, Allianz, BMW and Siemens, the backbone of its economy is a vibran population of medium-sized enterprises, many of whom are acknowledged world market leaders. Bavaria’s advanced and strong manufacturing sector and its role as Europe’s leading ICT hub puts it at the forefront of cross-industry digital innovation – in areas such as autonomous driving, AI, IoT, cybersecurity and AR/VR. It is the ideal base for national and international B2B tech leaders and start-ups.

  1. Industry power with scope for cross-industry innovation
  2. Prime ICT hub for digitalisation and start-ups
  3. R & D strength – top talent – excellent universities
  4. The Bavarian way of life – tradition and joie de vivre

Reasons for Bavaria

Eight of the 30 companies comprising Germany’s DAX share index are headquartered in Bavaria. Such global leaders – in combination with a vast number of top medium-sized enterprises and start-ups in a range of sectors, from Industry 4.0 and mobility to additive manufacturing, healthcare and insurtech – provide the ideal base for digital cross-industry innovation. Businesses, whether national companies, international players or start-ups, can draw upon Munich’s strength as Europe’s leading ICT hub, a string of excellent universities throughout Bavaria and access to renowned research institutions and facilities like Fraunhofer and Max Planck. Further benefits include ample supply of top talent – and, not least, the special Bavarian way of life ensures a healthy work-life balance.

Success story

An exemplary testimonial to Bavaria’s strengths in industry, innovation and digitisation was the decision behind IBM’s choice to establish its global competence centre, the Watson IoT Center, in the Bavarian capital of Munich. John Kelly, IBM Senior Vice President of Cognitive Solutions and Research, explained that Munich was chosen against strongest global competition for its unmatched combination of access to leading industrial companies, excellent universities, a track record of technical expertise, its attraction for top-class talent and the business- and investment-friendly politics of the Bavarian state government. The project, one of IBM’s core strategic investments, created more than 1,000 jobs and has proven to be a true catalyst for innovation.


Invest in Bavaria, founded in 1999, offers companies interested in setting up their business in Bavaria a comprehensive range of support as well as free, confidential and tailored services throughout all stages of the setting-up process, from inception to implementation.
With a dedicated team of experienced, multinational professionals, we support companies at offices in Munich, Nuremberg and Hof as well as internationally through Bavaria’s 26 global representative offices.

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