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About Baden-Württemberg

Hidden behind Baden-Württemberg’s (BW) romantic picture is Europe’s innovation region number one and Germany’s export machine. The third-largest federal state is situated in the German Southwest. Almost six  percent of its GDP go to R&D, and the region files more patent registrations per citizen than any other state. Alongside the industrial giants – such as Daimler, Bosch, Porsche, and SAP – which are based in BW, thousands of small and medium-sized companies drive the economy. Key industries include mechanical engineering, the automotive industry as well as the healthcare sector and information and communication technologies. As a location of the future, BW is strong in artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, lightweight and green technology.

  1. Germany’s and Europe’s innovation region number one
  2. Sectoral diversity with strong state-wide networks
  3. Home to leading AI research with Cyber Valley
  4. High quality of life and warm welcoming culture

Reasons for Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg is outstanding due to its high productivity, low unemployment rate and above all its innovativeness: R&D expenditure amounts to 30.3 billion euros (5.8 % of GDP, 2019). More than 100 excellent non-university research institutions, e.g. the Fraunhofer Society, ensure a continuous contribution to progress and cutting-edge technology. About 70 universities create an attractive higher education system. Furthermore, investors profit from BW‘s sectoral diversity and a growing pool of potential customers, from the highly developed parts-supplier structure, from cooperations with companies that are either related or in the same sector, and from its modern infrastructure as well as from the skills of highly qualified workers. 

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Success story

The Swiss multinational healthcare company Roche invested a total of 400 million euros in their high-tech campus in Mannheim in 2018. This huge investment is a strong commitment to the region and the healthcare industry in Baden-Württemberg. Thus, within the last five years, Roche has invested one billion euros in Mannheim and is, with more than 8,000 employees, the second-largest employer at the location. The investment includes five construction projects: a new pharmaceutical production building; a new laboratory building; a server farm and the expansion of the fibre-optic infrastructure on the campus; a cold-water storage facility and a sales building with a virtual reality lab to show customers what their lab could look like with a Roche system. 


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Baden-Württemberg International (BW_i) is the competence centre of the state of Baden-Württemberg for the internationalisation, promotion and development of business, science and research. We lend support to foreign and domestic companies, clusters and networks, research institutions and universities by serving as the central and first point of contact for all questions relating to internationalisation.


We support investors in each step of an investment project – from the provision of general information on our location, the legal framework and social insurance through to the identification of business and scientific partners and potential sites, as well as the support with administrative procedures and the connection with actors in the fields of business promotion and development.

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