The German Mittelstand Embracing the Digital Age

In some countries, established, non-technological small-to-medium sized companies cannot handle digital transformation themselves. The challenges are too big and too daunting to embrace. In comparison, Germany’s corporate structure means that the country’s Mittelstand companies are ahead of the curve. With the structure of government incentives and the availability of partnerships with large established businesses, the Mittelstand are uniquely well placed to apply start-up creativity to the challenges of digital transformation. With the Mittelstand, entrepreneurial historical background and the countries globally acknowledged top universities, Germany is the ideal location for digital start-ups to develop and thrive.

Germany’s historic culture of engineering and its spirit of collaborative entrepreneurship means that start-ups and established companies alike are ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing the challenges of disruptive digital transformation.

Viessmann, a heating and boiler manufacturing company, in Allendorf, Germany has stepped beyond their boundaries as a Mittelstand company and embraced the digital era and new innovation. Max Viessmann, the latest in the line of Viessmann men to become CEO, took a risk, and developed a new approach to start-ups – a website called Innovation Boiler. This entrepreneurial step towards the digital age has kept Viessmann in the front of the digital revolution in Germany.

The end goal of Innovation Boiler - to create a working partnership between the start-up and Viessmann.