Green tech: a thriving market in Germany

Europe’s biggest economy remains the continent’s economic motor and Germany’s decades-old drive toward a climate-neutral economy remains fertile ground for green technologies, whether local or from abroad. In a special briefing, “Germany Works.” highlights the broad variety of opportunities awaiting innovative foreign companies hoping to gain a foothold in sectors as diverse as wastewater management, wind-turbine recycling and even hydrogen. The briefing covers Germany’s lengthy environmental history while going into detail about the many different paths the country hopes to forge in the future. Federal and regional governments have already spent tens of billions upgrading networks and systems, and will spend more in years to come. The country is an excellent location to not only develop and market cutting-edge technologies, but also a hub for exports. And your employees will enjoy its central location and high quality of life. In addition to our briefing, our infographic offers a concise summary of the opportunities in Germany. Fill out the form below to receive “Green tech: a thriving market in Germany” and then get in touch with Germany Trade and Invest for professional assistance.