A strong political framework, an ever-expanding ecosystem of corporations and research institutions, as well as outstanding human resources see Berlin well placed to become Europe’s leading city for battery technology.

Hydrogen is key to the energy transition. The process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis is not new, but the technology is complex and expensive. German companies and institutions, with backing from the Federal Government, are now working to turn this promising energy source into a genuine game changer.

Quantum computers have the potential to revolutionise everything from urban planning to climate models. Germany is taking steps to become a force in this pioneering field.

From AI and smart cities to AdTech and EdTech, Germany's economy is rapidly turning digital, creating an exciting new landscape for companies and investors.

North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s biggest consumer and producer of energy. Despite its history of heavy industry and coal, the state is now at the heart of Germany’s green energy transition.

Lots of governments talk about decarbonization and renewable resources but few have established the depth of financial backing as Germany.

In a special briefing, “Germany Works.” highlights the broad variety of opportunities awaiting innovative foreign companies hoping to gain a foothold in sectors as diverse as wastewater management, wind-turbine recycling and even hydrogen

Three million people work in 70,000 foreign companies in Germany. You’ll be right at home here, the best place to invest in Europe. The right incentives for investors and the right infrastructure to guarantee a qualified workforce.

An IONITY charging park usually has about six charging points, and, on average, there is no more than about 120 kilometres from one IONITY charging station to the next.

On the flip side, a commitment to environmental sustainability, if linked to genuine industrial expertise, is set the produce the global winners of the future. Germany’s manufacturing strengths and its commitment to electric car ownership are producing a virtuous, and investable, cycle of adoption.