Germany as a Top Business Location

It’s Europe’s largest market and a global leader in innovation – but there are plenty of other reasons why your company should set its sights on Germany. Here a list of the top 10: 




1. An Economic Powerhouse

Germany drives Europe’s economic growth. Investors benefit from the strong economic performance of the world’s fourth largest economy, huge domestic market demand and immediate access to Europe’s other growth markets.

2. A Haven for Foreign Investments

Germany is one of the world’s three largest export nations, now tied with China and the US after six years of being number 1. With EUR 469 billion in foreign direct investment, literally an investment magnet and a top region for foreign investors.

3. A Cost-Effective Production Site

Germany has one of the highest productivity rates in the world. Its quality and steadily decreasing unit labor costs further make it fiercely competitive. Social and market reforms contribute to its continued economic growth and make Germany one of Europe’s most cost-effective production locations.

4. A Well-Trained Workforce

A world class education system meets even the highest standards. 81 percent of the population has been trained to university entrance level or boasts a recognized vocational qualification – well above the OECD average of 67 percent. 

5. A Driver of Innovation

Europe’s no. 1 research location. German R&D is backed by billions of euros in annual federal funds, making it the world’s innovation leader, but also Europe’s leading patent applicant and driving force behind high-tech breakthroughs.

6. An Unmatched Infrastructure

Located right in the middle of Europe, Germany is its number one logistics market. A highly developed energy and communications infrastructure and excellent transportation networks guarantee on-time delivery and short routes to success.

7. A Wealth of Incentives

Germany offers attractive incentives to all investors. Its many attractive programs support the entire spectrum of business activities at every stage of the investment process. Support ranges from cash incentives as reimbursements for direct investments to job and R+D incentives.

8. Competitive Tax Rates

By broadly reforming how companies are taxed, Germany has greatly reduced its corporate tax levels. This is helping companies to invest and gain new business. The government’s reforms to improve the general tax framework and keep indirect labor costs low are opening doors for investors in all areas.

9. High Investment Security

Highly developed economic and political frameworks mean investments are safe. Germany’s judiciary and civil service institutions are professionally regulated to ensure the highest service. Contracts are therefore secure and intellectual property strictly protected.

10. High Standard of Living

Germany has a modern, tolerant, and cosmopolitan society with one of the world’s highest standards of living. Superior healthcare and education, endless leisure opportunities in its beautiful settings and a vibrant cultural scene are but a few reasons why more than seven million foreigners call Germany their home.